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INTERBBS is the exchange of player score files between the BBS or Home Edition versions and the International HUB (Sunrise Door Software). This provides the competition your BBS may not currently provide OR enhances your existing competition.

Sunrise Door Software has been hosting the International INTERBBS competition for more than 20+ years and welcomes those BBSes running any 16-BIT DOS-Based BBS software OR the 32-BIT WINServer BBS software, as well as those running any of the HOME EDITION versions of our products. Regardless of the BBS software you run, EVERYONE plays in the SAME InterBBS game. A Participation Fee,  $24.95 per year per BBS or $14.95  per year for a Home Edition participant, is required (NOTE: Payment using PayPal carries an additional Convenience Charge). You can pay the Participation Fee here!


NOTE!!!  We are offering a 14 day FREE trial to the INTERBBS Competition. If you wish to take advantage of the free trial please read the guidelines:

(1) The free trial period begins as soon as you receive your unique InterBBS ID

(2) The free trial is available to FIRST-TIME participants ONLY

(3) The free trial is not extended to those that have ever used the trial period in the past

(4) Complete this form!

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Moving Eye Line

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