Sunrise Door and Home Software Wednesday September 26, 2018


INTERHOME is the exchange of player score files from/to your HOME computer and the International HUB (Sunrise HOME Software/Sunrise Door Software). This provides you with the competition you will not experience solely on your HOME computer.

We have been hosting the International competition for more than 18 years. You will be playing against other Home Edition players as well as those playing on Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) from around the world. Regardless of where you play our products, EVERYONE plays in the SAME competition.

A Participation Fee of $14.95 per year is required! This once a year fee allows you to participate with as many Home Edition software games as you wish! (NOTE: Payment using PayPal carries an additional Convenience Charge)

Since some of these games can be VERY addictive we encourage Home Edition players to play in as many games as possible. Check out the list of sites that you can Telnet into, or use your browser, to play all the Sunrise Door Software games.

As time goes by we will be introducing HOME editions of ALL of the Sunrise Products! Check back often and be sure to subscribe to our Mailing List so you do not miss any announcements!

Moving Eye Line

Moving Eye Line

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