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If you arrived at this page after attempting to use our Live Chat, then we are offline or helping others. Please complete a Support Ticket and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

The following form is used to request support for Sunrise Door Software products, report problems on our web site or to voice an opinion. Be sure that you fully complete the requested information! When describing the issue be sure to be as detailed as you can, bearing in mind that MORE is better! Along those lines  be sure to mention what operating system and BBS software you are using!

An Email ACKNOWLEDGEMENT will be sent to the Email address you supplied, shortly after you have submitted the form. If you fail to receive the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, be sure to check your spam/junk folders! If after an hour, you still do not receive the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, you may have not entered a legitimate Email address in the form originally and you will need to create another support ticket!

We will communicate with you if we need more information or if we require you to try something more than what you have already done.

I am sure you understand that some technical issues may take longer than others to research and resolve! It is very important that any requests made by our Support people be responded to without delay!! If we communicate with you, requesting more information,  we expect you to respond within 3 days. If not you can expect your ticket to be CLOSED!

Priority is given to those that have donated to our Coffee Fund!

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