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Changes made to the WEB site as well as other information about Sunrise Door and Home Software

04/09/2018 greenbal.gif (204 bytes) [General  ]: Navigation menus updated to reflect the removal of InterBBS Competition.
10/21/2017 greenbal.gif (204 bytes) [General  ]: A new Support Ticket system has been implemented. A description can be found on the main web page of this site.
09/05/2016 greenbal.gif (204 bytes) [General  ]: Updated the 3 "ALL Products" archives (Sun32.ZIP, Sun16Bit.ZIP and SunHome.ZIP) as well as individual archives, with new product installer files. New installs will no longer add entries to the Add/Remove list. New installs will no longer add individual entries to the Start Menu, instead they will all be grouped under a single Group named: Sunrise Doors WINServer or Sunrise Doors 16-Bit or Sunrise Doors Home-PC or Sunrise Doors WINServer. All .HIS files have also been removed from individual installer archives.
06/27/2016 greenbal.gif (204 bytes) [Web Site]: Upgraded Menu system and added InterBBS setup instructions to the Competition Menu and the Quick Menu.
12/04/2015 greenbal.gif (204 bytes) [Web Site]: Forms updated to include more BBS software product choices
  greenbal.gif (204 bytes) [Web Site]: Menu selection "Synchronet Door Set" has been renamed to "Door Setup Help" and will cover as many individual BBS software products and Operating Systems as are submitted by you, the users.
12/04/2015 greenbal.gif (204 bytes) [Web Site]: Continuing menu updates. Eliminating some pages and replacing them with "flyouts" from the menu selection!
11/29/2015 greenbal.gif (204 bytes) [Web Site]: Updated the Menu system!
11/18/2015 greenbal.gif (204 bytes) [Web Site]: Updated the Buy-Us-Coffee page  to fix an error in the old page that prevented callers from completing the Donation!
11/02/2015 greenbal.gif (204 bytes) [Web Site]: Bubble tips for 16-Bit documentation (on all product pages) corrected to indicate 16-Bit rather thanWINServer
greenbal.gif (204 bytes) [Web Site]: Lost In Space product page erroneously indicated there was an online doc page for the 16-Bit version, corrected!
10/10/2015 greenbal.gif (204 bytes) [Web Site]: Updated the horizontal main menus and the vertical menu on the landing page!
  greenbal.gif (204 bytes) [Web Site]: Groan score page, when accessed, being redirected to another web site... fixed!
greenbal.gif (204 bytes) [Web Site]: Chuck-A-Luck scores were not available to be displayed... fixed!
  greenbal.gif (204 bytes) [Web Site]: Combined 2 pages under Competition (Current Scores and Eligible Products) into 1 new page (Eligible Games - Scores)!
09/20/2015 greenbal.gif (204 bytes) [Web Site]: Major background  database changes!
  greenbal.gif (204 bytes) [Web Site]: Several pages had a portion of the screen blacked out... fixed!
  greenbal.gif (204 bytes) [Web Site]: Verbiage throughout the site has been changed/updated
  greenbal.gif (204 bytes) [General  ]: Installed a new mailing list program... subscribe here
09/25/2015 greenbal.gif (204 bytes) [Web Site]: More verbiage throughout the site has been changed/updated
  greenbal.gif (204 bytes) [Web Site]: Versions page contained a duplicate product entry... fixed!
  greenbal.gif (204 bytes) [Web Site]: Continuing background  database changes to ensure sitewide consistancy !

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