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Version 1.6
Author/Contact Al Lawrence/Sunrise Door Software
Overview The Quest For Nora allows users to do various things each day, in an attempt to finish their Quest and save Nora. Add 10 Computer Players to your game quickly and easily!
- Game cannot be reset
- Players only allowed to reach Level 2
- Games per day limited to 1
- Game cannot be won
- Number of Rubies cannot be altered in CFG file
- Number of battles cannot be altered in CFG file
- Number of player battles cannot be altered in CFG file
- High score bulletin disabled
- Game time limit disabled
- Number of days of inactivity before being purged is unchangeable at 5 days
- Artificial Intelligence Players (QFNAIP) disabled
Installation (1) Create a directory to hold all files
(2) Unzip the archive into the above directory
(3) MOVE the WCX file to your WC5 directory and delete it from the directory created in step (1)
(4) Create a menu entry to run the wcBASIC Door and you MUST pass the FULL drive:\path of the directory as a command line parameter when defining the Door on the menu. An example follows:

Program Name: QFN
Parameter:      c:\wc5\doors\QFN

(5) Modify the supplied CFG file. A description follows:


# = Requires registration to change to a different value.

NOTE: There are NO Blank Lines in the Config File!!
Al Lawrence Sysop's First AND Last name
00000000 Registration Number
Y Y = Log all callers to USAGEx
N = Do not log callers
2 1 = DO NOT Display ADOPT-A-DOOR Message
2 = Display ADOPT-A-DOOR message
# 1 Number of Games per day: how many turns a player may play with the Village locals
(Recommended Max=5>
# 1000 NUMBER OF RUBIES player starts with
# Y CLEAN MODE (y or n)
# 5 Number of days of inactivity before player is purged from the game
# N Install Artificial Players? Y=Yes, N=No
G Door Rating. Default is G.
Maximum Characters: 5

Maintenance Maintenance is run AUTOMATICALLY when the first player of the day enters the Door.

This maintenance program performs the games daily maintenance like purging inactive players, resurrect all players that were killed that day. Players are automatically deleted after the number of inactive days defined in the CFG file. It also fix any ON-NOW flags if the main program has somehow missed setting this to NO because of LOSS OF CARRIER or another problem in
the door.

ALL actions are logged to QFN.LOG
Game Reset To reset a game, which in effect resets EVERYONE and causes them to start over, you would have to enter the game and use an NON-DISPLAYED Main menu Command of ~ (tilde). Be sure that no one is in the game on any other node. Please be aware that this is a REGISTERED feature ONLY.
BADWORDS.LST File The Quest For Nora also features checking for user entered bad words. A file called BADWORDS.LST is included with this archive and contains 8 words that most would find unacceptable on a public BBS.

This file is read from The Quest For Nora in 2 different places. When a user chooses an alias and when a user has been killed and wishes to write a comment about their demise.

The Quest For Nora will tell them to enter a cleaner alias when any of the words are found in what they entered and it will choose one of the default sayings instead of using their profanity in the comment about their demise.

The format for this file is a basic ASCII text file with each word on a separate line and ALL CAPS. Your file might look like this:


There should be no blank lines or carriage returns after the last entry. Just type in the last entry and save the file. The most common way to do so is with the normal DOS EDITOR. If you run an adult BBS and don't care what people say in the Door then just delete BADWORDS.LST and the checking will automatically be turned off.
Game Data Files We would strongly advise you to AVOID making any changes to the .DAT files. If you just can't resist, and you do so at your own risk, then be sure to RESET the GAME first. If you encounter ANY strange occurrences in the game AFTER you fiddle with the files, be sure that you restore them to their original state BEFORE you call Sunrise Door Software for help.
Artificial Intelligence
This is an add-on module for the door game, Quest For Nora, from Sunrise Door Software. AIP will add 10 New Computer Players to your game. AIP's help to create more interaction between players and in the game overall.

INSTALLATION: Edit the sample NAMES.TXT file. This file is the listing of names you wish the AIP's to be called. The names you enter here will be what names the players go by in the game. You MUST enter a total of 10 names. Everything below line 10 in this file is ignored. Once you have edited your NAMES.TXT file, and configured your game for at least 1 node, and indicated that you wish to run AIP in your CFG file, the AIPs will be installed automatically when Daily Maintenance is performed.

AIP's will play their turns for the day automatically as part of the Daily Maintenance. This will allow the players to play for that day. That's it.

ALL actions are logged to QFN.LOG.

NOTE: DO NOT RUN QFNAIP individually... it will run automatically!!


AIP's do basically the same thing that users do in TQFN. I could have simply made them gain this much experience, rubies, did this and that and all would have been fine, but instead, a lot of the TQFN code was extracted from the game and used right in this module. Of course, the computer makes the appropriate decisions instead of a user hitting a key, but you get the idea. These players REALLY do play!

In deciding HOW they should play, I had to be careful that they were not TOO smart. For example, they don't make great choices all of the time. When deciding if they should go to the next level, they don't check to see if they have the next level weapon and defense, so in turn, they are more apt to get killed quite a bit at the next level until they can afford the next level weapon and defense.

After doing their Warrior Battles for the day, they deposit all but 10% of their Rubies on hand. That way, if they attack an actual player after that and get killed, well, the player gets some Rubies out of it :) When they DO attack other players (AIP's included), they don't check to see if that player is higher up on the totem pole then they are, so in turn, they have a much better chance of getting killed by the player they are attacking. If this is an ACTUAL player, then this of course makes it more fun for that player. That's the whole point of this, isn't it?

6 AIP's play every day (picked randomly). No more than 3 player attacks happen from all 6 of these each day as well. It wouldn't be fun for Mr. Real Player if they were getting killed everyday either :) The Daily Happening from these 6 AIP's is written to the Daily Happenings file randomly as well, to give the illusion of different players logging on at different times to play.


AIP's do not Approach the Village Virgin. Since they have not been made gender specific, I figured, why bother. They still get a little bit of experience in one routine randomly that they would have got from this action though, to keep up with everyone.

I have played some games where the Computer Players were REALLY smart and VERY tough to beat. This is just plain NO FUN as far as I'm concerned, so I hope I have made AIP's dumb enough to make it fun for those who take the time to call your BBS and actually play :) Watch your back though... The AIP's are not THAT dumb!
Usage Log As an option, we provide you with the ability to log every player to a text file. IF you enter Y in the CFG file to log callers, the Door will place the caller's name as well as the ON and OFF times each time a caller selects the Door. A separate file will be created for each Node and the name of the file will be USAGEx, where x is the Node number.

You may delete these files at any time and the Door will recreate them the next time a caller enters the Door. If you do NOT want to continue logging callers, change the CFG file entry to N.
Adopt-A-Door The concept, ADOPT-A-DOOR, allows a caller to register (ADOPT) a door. It would be the same as sending in a donation, only this way it is earmarked for registering a particular door. In a way, the user feels he/she is "getting something in return". As a Door author I have decided to build this concept into each of my Door programs. The concept replaces the usual message "tell the Sysop to register this Door" we find in most

If the Door is unregistered then a message appears on the opening screen to that effect. After finishing or suspending a game, a message screen is displayed about the ADOPT-A-DOOR concept. The message also tells the caller to contact the Sysop to find out if there is any further details to the ADOPT-A-DOOR concept. Some Sysops give extra D/L time, online time, etc to callers that ADOPT-A-DOOR.

If the Door has been registered, either by the Sysop or other callers, the names of those contributors will be displayed in the closing screen.

NOTE: If you want to display the names of the callers that contributed to registering the Door, you must create an ASCII file called ADOPT.SYS. You create it with an ASCII text editor. Enter the names of the contributors (one on each line, maximum of 5 entries, each a maximum of 30 characters long). This file must be saved, in ASCII format, and placed in the Door directory.
Distribution You may make this file available for downloading from your BBS or you may upload it to any BBS or WEB site of your choice, provided that you do not make any changes to the contents of the archive (ZIP/EXE file). The archive and its individual contents may not be used by any service that charges any money whatsoever, without the written permission of the author.
Registration Registration and the subsequent insertion of the registration number into your configuration file, allows for the display of your BBS name on the opening and closing screen as well as the reduction of a delay built into the opening screen display along with the ability to change certain values in the configuration file.

Once a door is registered, any changes to registration information (Sysop name or BBS Name) will require the doors to be re-registered at the registration fee in effect at that time.

Be sure to use the proper upper/lower case when filling in your name and BBS name, as they MUST match the way you entered them in the configuration file.
Misc. The latest version this product, along with and other fine DOOR and HOME EDITION products are always available for download from this web site.

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